Ü-Beautee i-Cleaner


What is i-Cleaner

i-Cleaner is the latest generation of a facial cleansing brush that helps to remove all forms of dirt and makeup while maintaining fresh and healthy skin. Compact and easy to use, i-Cleaner offers deep skin cleaning in the comfort of your own home. Arriving with double cleaning technology, i-Cleaner offers complete face cleaning that reaches the deeper segments of your skin and provides results more effective than regular hand and towel cleaning. From makeup residue to air dust and clogged pores, i-Cleaner helps you remove all bacteria and give your face the treatment it deserves.

Benefits of using i-Cleaner

Thanks to ultra-sonic 300-vibration per second technology, The i-Cleaner cleans your skin more efficiently than the typical cheaper facial brushes that use 360-degree spinning brush head which can be harsh on the skin. With double cleansing technology, i-Cleaner will give your face the clean it deserves. Double cleanness helps in making your skin more transparent while easing the absorption process of skincare products. Special ionic absorption allows deeply cleansing while sonic motor provides comfortable feeling resulting in younger-looking and smoother skin, wrinkle and break-outs reduction as well as increased hydration and radiance.

Name of each i-Cleaner part

Function heads

With two main purpose modes - cleansing and nourishing, i-Cleaner arrives with three different function heads - brush head, silica gel head and iontophoresis (metal) head.

The brush head is made of antibacterial ultra soft bristles which is suitable for daily facial cleaning of most skin types. Silica gel head is carefully designed for tight and tender female skin and gently cleaning process which helps with exfoliating. Iontophoresis head which is a part of the iontophoresis mode synchronises acoustic vibrations and can be used with after-cleaning face products like serums and moisturisers for better product absorption.



In build ion export function

Thanks to its advanced technology and in-built Ion export function, i-Cleaner allows absorption dust trapped deeply in pores while gently and completely cleansing the area with no skin damage. Positive ion field formed in the head brush can absorb negative properties of the dirt hidden deeply in pores, resulting in the fresh and deeply-cleaned face. 

Intelligent partition reminder

i-Cleaner is based on smart technology and arrives with an intelligent partition reminder, carefully developed to remind the user to avoid excessive skin cleansing. For maximum results and in-depth cleaning, it’s best to divide your face into different sub-areas - left cheek, right cheek, forehead, nose bridge and chin. Clean each area in soft circular motions for 20 seconds, when you’ll hear a beeping sign - intelligent partition remind, which will remind you to move to the next section of the face. Once all areas are complete, the device will switch off automatically. 


3 operation modes

Smart and easy to use, i-Cleaner arrives with 3 main operations mode, allowing you to choose between deep, standard and soft cleansing.

  • Deep cleansing is perfect for insensitive skin as it exuberates sebum secretion and make-up.
  • Standard cleansing is a common pattern suitable for daily cleansing of most skin types.
  • Soft cleansing features silicon gel head, perfect for delicate and sensitive skin types.




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