Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the function of i-Cleaner?

A. Unlike the traditional hand and towel washing, i-Cleaner helps better absorption of cleansers by forming high-density foam and thoroughly cleaning the skin. This is done thanks to the vibration of the function head, where acoustic waves allow tender and thorough skin cleanse through high-frequency vibration. With unique iontophoresis function, i-Cleaner cleans the skin surface and removes filth around pores as well as excess sebum much thoroughly than a standard hand-washing process, resulting in better absorption of skin care products and fresher and healthier skin.  

Q. Will the skin become thinner if using i-Cleaner for a long time?

A. Due to different skin types, i-Cleaner is equipped with two different types of function heads - brush and silica gel, to be suitable for most people. Daily usage of i-Cleaner won’t have any bad effects on your skin if used according to the given instructions. However, frequent use such as twice a day in the highest intensity could affect cuticle and sedum system of the skin which might be destroyed, resulting in skin that’s too thin and prone to allergies. Therefore, always ensure the correct use of the i-Cleaner and follow given instructions to maintain healthy and fresh-looking skin.

Q. How to use i-Cleaner?

A. Correct usage of i-Cleaner will result in clean skin and more effective skin care routine. To start, wash your face with warm water and choose the desired function head. Install the head, wet it and squeeze your favourite cleanser on the function head. Now press the function head tenderly on your face and start cleaning, i-Cleaner also allows you to adjust intensity gears to make the cleaning process easier and more enjoyable. Clean your face step by step, while following the partition buzzing prompts or choose to control the cleaning time for each section according to your condition. When using i-Cleaner, please ensure that your hand touches the ion pole located on the back of the product.

Q. Can i-Cleaner be used in the bath?

A. i-Cleaner was carefully designed according to IPX5 waterproofing standards. The whole product body is waterproof and can be used in the shower. However, when charging the product, you should stay away from water and wet environment to avoid any hazard or short circuit caused by the water.

Q. What can the ion function of i-Cleaner do?

A. i-Cleaner arrives with a special ion pole design, featuring an ion function indicator light to the front of the product which helps in absorption of the filth to achieve a deeper cleaning. Once the cleaning mode is on and the hand touches the ion function pole, a circuit will be formed when the wet function head touches the skin and ion function will ensure deep cleaning. Also, during the import mode, once the circuit is formed, the ion function will help with the absorption of skincare products. 

Q. If I use the import mode with brush head or vice versa, what will happen?

A. Please make sure to always read and follow the instructions carefully to ensure that the product is working properly. When i-Cleaner is on and operating, the cleaning mode uses positive ion import technology, while the import mode uses the negative ion export tech. If a different button is pressed, the two poles on the body of the product and function head will then be set in different polarity, resulting in circuit going in different directions.